Session 4: Local struggles – presentations

The local as a reference for new mobilisations, solidarity networks and actions


Penny Koutrolikou and Dimitra Spanou, Encounter Athens – Intro [video]
Citizens committee of Exarchia – Athens [video] [ppt] [text]
Citizens committee of Akadimia Platonos – Athens [video] [ppt] [textGR]
Marc Dalmau Torva, Platform for the Recuperation of Can Batlló – Barcelona [video] [ppt] [text]
Eduardo Maura, Analysis 15-M Madrid – Madrid [video] [ppt] [text]
Jorge Cancela, Uptown Lisbon Association for Environmental Enhancement – Lisbon [video] [ppt] [text]
Flavio Almada, Ghetto Platform – Lisbon [video] [ppt] [text]
Joao Jordao, Movimento Sem Emprego – Lisbon [video] [ppt] [text]
Giulia Cantaluppi, Isabella Inti & Matteo Persichino, – Milan [video][text] [poster][trailer]
Luisa Tuttolomondo, The yard we want – Palermo [video] [ppt] [text]

Discussant: Dina Vaiou, Professor NTUA  [video]