Encounter Athens is a group of young researchers who live and work in Athens and deal with urban and spatial issues. The group aims to formulate and voice a “critical / alternative” discourse for the city, while arguing for a just city (“another city is possible”). The group was formed in 2010 when, in the context of an escalating crisis affecting the majority of Athens’ residents, the need for a critical discourse for the centre of Athens was very much felt, also in order to counter the distortions promoted by dominant discourses.

INURA Athens is a non-profit organisation affiliated with the International Network of Urban Research and Action (INURA). It was created by members of INURA in Athens in 2008 as an institutional vehicle to host the 18th International INURA conference, held in Athens 3rd-10th of October 2008. Since then its members continue to participate actively in the annual meetings of the network as well as to the working meetings and the elaboration of the collective common project on the New Metropolitan Mainstream.

The Institut de Govern i Polítiques Publiques is an interdisciplinary research institute that belongs to the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It draws together mainly political scientists and sociologists, but also researchers coming from other disciplines within social sciences. Since 2001 the institute has successfully carried out more than 160 research projects, including some EU sponsored projects. One area of priority interest is the study of urban governance, urban policies and its impacts. For instance, we are carrying on a three year project about current urban policies in Spain in the crisis scenario funded by Ministry of Science.

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the National Technical University of Athens has a strong presence in teaching and research, around the following main themes: regional development in a European perspective; urban planning and governance; urban diversity and social exclusion/inclusion; gender theory and gender approaches to urban studies; tourism and local development; geographies of migration. The scope of research in the Department is mainly European, with a particular emphasis on Southern Europe. Academic staff has substantial experience in the coordination of national and European research projects and networks.