Workshop Athens 2013

The workshop “Crisis regimes and emerging social movements in cities of Southern Europe” will take place in Athens, Greece on 7-9 February 2013. The event is organized by Encounter Athens, INURA Athens, The Institut de Govern i Polítiques Publiques and the The Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the National Technical University of Athens and is funded by a Regional Workshop Award by the Antipode Foundation.

The intention of theworkshop is to provide an opportunity to scholars and activists from South European cities for exchanging experiences concerning the current crisis in South European cities and explore alternatives. The main goals of the workshop are :

a) to explore from a critical viewpoint the impact of the crisis on South European cities and their inhabitants, the dominant policies implemented, as well as new issues and novel social claims that are emerging, and

b) to bring together both activists from current/emerging movements and scholars, in order to exchange ideas and experiences from concrete practices, initiatives and struggles and to collectively think about alternatives for radical action.

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The workshop will be structured around three thematic sessions that will be held in the form of facilitated open discussions, including focused presentations on selected topics. The proposed topics, which have been selected on the basis that they raise critical urban questions and triggered social mobilizations and alternative social practices in South European cities, are the following:

The sessions will be open to individuals and groups interested to attend and contribute to the discussions.

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