temporiuso.net Athens

TEMPORIUSO is an action-research project initiated in 2008 by cantieri isola association in partnership with precare.it group, which are today collectively Association Temporiuso.net, under the patronage of Department of Culture of the Province of Milan, the Territory Development Department and the City of Milan 2009, the city of Sesto San Giovanni 2010, the support of the Municipality of Milan 2012.

Since 2009 the research has had the support and contribution of researchers and trainees of the laboratory multiplicity.lab, DiAP Politecnico di Milano and has been launched temporiuso.net, a cultural association and network of local and international partnerships with associations, activists and researchers.

The project proposes to use the existing public and private buildings and open spaces, voids, abandoned or underused, to reactivate them with projects related to the world of culture and associations, of handicrafts and small business, temporary hospitality for students and youth tourism, with temporary use contracts in rent control.

The project addresses to the Municipality and the Province of Milan with the possibility of exchange and start-up project started and now under way at national and international scale.

The economic, social and urbanistic goals that temporiuso enucleated are urban regeneration in terms of requalification of the building stock, its protection from acts of vandalism and decay, cooperation with the third sector, control of land consumption, support of local communities in the self-organization of land and self-promotion of services.

More: www.temporiuso.org