AVAAL – Associação para a Valorização Ambiental da Alta de Lisboa / Uptown Lisbon Association for Environmental Enhancement

Our main goal is to promote “civic ecology”: the personal and social development through environmental enhancement of local communities.

We are based in a neighbourhood of around 30.000 people, Alta de Lisboa, with mixed income and employment levels.

We use urban agriculture activities to create social inclusion, intergenerational activities, participation in the community and local economic development.

We are developing the first Portuguese Urban Agricultural Park designed, constructed and managed by initiative of the community. We are also developing the Park as a response to the socio-economic and environmental opportunities we are now facing but also to promote more citizens-based participation in the direct management of urban green spaces. We are also creating with a social entrepreneur a local company to produce mushrooms in an abandoned school.

Alta de Lisboa is a very active community in terms of local movements, with more 30 associations or interests groups involved in local actions. With all of these there is some kind of partnership or link, mainly trough common projects or common sharing of resources, thus also enhancing the social connection and resilience of the community.

More: www.avaal.pt