Plataforma Defensem el Port Vell /The platform “Defend Port Vell” (Old Port)

The platform “Defend Port Vell” was created last May 2012 in order to confront the new speculative project of Port Vell’s refurbishment, expansion and privatization of some public docks as the “Moll d’Espanya”. This project shows again the stubbornness to promote an excluding and privatized city model which only some super-rich people can afford. The new project will imply more social impacts in the La Barceloneta’s neighbourhood and also elsewhere in Barcelona, diminishing both the maritime culture and our right to the city. Moreover, the platform has denounced the infringement of the right to information by affected people and entities which, even requesting so, have not been provided with access to the full project.

The Platform “Defend Port Vell” has become a new important actor in the territorial discussions by introducing new subjects, posits forms make decisions, looking for new ways to relate knowledge and mobilization, questioning the type of territorial development of the country and elaborating new proposals in the framework of an alternative territorial model.