KAIRÓS project


KAIRÓS project is a video archive, a web documentary. The aim of the project is to layout the political situation in the Mediterranean region, and the new social movements that are springing up throughout the region. The online archive has been opened on October 1rst 2012, and the project is a work in progress. In this site you will find interviews to those who are part ot the political movements in the Mediterranean, but also to those who have a deep knowledge of the current situation in the several countries of the Mediterranean, as well as in the whole region. All the interviews are subtitled into spanish. If you are specially interested in the translation of the interviews into another language, please contact us. In the archive you will also find other interventions and documents of concrete events. The archive is shaped by three diferent axis: (1) The deep institutional crisis, as well as the crisis of the ongoing political regimes in the whole Mediterranean area. (2) The social composition of the movements, characterized by different precarious figures, mainly high-educated declassed youths. (3) The innovative use of new technologies for the political action, the bursting of tecnopolitics. As it may be obvious, these three axis are fully interlinked.

More: http://projectkairos.net