Platforma Eurovegas No / Platform StopEurovegas

Madrid’s right-wing (Partido Popular) regional government has turned the area into a laboratory of urban neoliberal politics. The city is understood as an entrepreneurial agent seeking to attract international capital primarily via tourism and foreign investment (in services to business and real estate). Fiscal, urban and public policies in general are subordinated to this overarching objective. In order to inflate the real estate bubble, the regional governments have engaged wholeheartedly in deregulation, tax incentives and huge urban developments (e.g. work on the M-30 motorway, the ‘Urban Growth Plans’ and the ‘Chamartin Operation’). Even after the bubble burst, the same politicians have exacerbated this model with projects such as ‘Eurovegas’, led by the Las Vegas Sand Corp. What we already understood as a form of speculative and extractive capitalism has shifted up a gear, taking on almost neo-colonial dimensions. Businesses demand successive legislative changes, investment in public infrastructure and huge tax deductions in exchange for the ‘promise’ of jobs. The government’s fiscal and legislative responsibility is once more put at the disposal of the global oligarchy. As the political collective Platform StopEurovegas put it: “Vosotros lo imponéis y nosotrxs lo pagamos” [You impose and we pay]. Fortunately, in Madrid and in Spain powerful social movements have emerged to confront this “mal gobierno” [bad rulers].