infoaut is an Italian portal of counter-information born in 2007 out of the efforts of militants of the autonomous movement and its social centres. Media activists are involved in and reporting from social and antagonist struggles at a local, national and transnational level: against capitalism, precarity, fascism, racism, sexism, jails and police repression; in the defence of social rights and their consolidation, for the diffusion of autonomous knowledge, for access to the Commons and for the self-management of them. Rather than denying the objectivity of the harshness of our times, Infoaut emphasizes revolutionary subjectivity and the point of view of the exploited. adopts a cross-media attitude by integrating different technical and expressive means that help
build militant connections both on web and local places, always projecting itself inside, against and beyond mainstream media and social networks. periodically provides coverage from struggles outside of Italy through the efforts of autonomous militants and activists. In recent years, they have attended all the main Euro-Mediterranean grassroots militant meetings such as the Reseau de Luttes in Tunis and the Agorà 99 in Madrid. The portal enjoys a foreign language section with articles, statements and analyses in English and French and other languages will follow in the future.